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Data Model

Savable Datapages

Hey there, today we are going to learn about something new that has been introduced in the recent versions of PEGA. It is about the datapages whose contents will be saved, yes you heard it right. Till now we used datapages to fetch and store the data for later uses. Read more…


Directed Web Access – DWA

Introduction Directed Web Access (DWA) is a feature to support processing of assignments by external users without the need of having an Operator ID in the PEGA application, by sending necessary details over E-mail, which are called External Assignments. This feature is mainly used in the situations where the processing Read more…


Report Definition

Report Definition Welcome to my first post on PEGA (I can say my first blog post :P). Please try to get comfortable with the content and hope you enjoy the tutorial. Definition Report Definition is one among Six R’s of PEGA Functionalities. A report definition is an instance of Rule-Obj-Report-Definition. Read more…