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Robots with “FEELINGS

Have you ever thought of robots having feelings just like us. Is it possible? If so what will be the end results? Will this feature help us or destroy us? There are numerous questions that may arise if one starts thinking about this. Following are the thoughts that hit my brain and wanted to share.

One can imagine a robot doing things what we do like cleaning, washing clothes, polishing shoes etc., But how does a robot have feelings? Can we achieve through fixing sensors to robots body, for example when it is raining heavily and there is a wind of cool air. By fixing temperature sensors, analyzing the time of the day, can we generate a signal to the robot saying it’s time to have a hot cup of tea or a plate of mirchi bajji (Indian famous snack). Looks funny right? But if you observe, human body also works in the same way, until a signal gets generated we can’t even lift our little finger. Just like CPU for a computer, our body receives signal from our brain for everything. How brain generates signals? Again it is based on our senses. It’s just the terminology that differs from humans to computers. I think knowing this, now a days for everything, the names for machine are chosen carefully to relate to humans (Artificial neural network :P)

And another example we can take is, in the movie interstellar , one might have seen a robot called TARS, whose description will be given as a machine with adjustable feelings like humanity, joking sense, etc., that is by changing the levels of sensitivity and adjusting the priorities of the decisions based on the particular situation. The reason why I am writing this post is, one of my friend questioned “Is it easy to add feelings to the machines?” By taking all these examples into consideration, it seems to be practical but NOT easy to add feelings to the robots. The reason why it is not easy is, we can use sensors, programs to give instructions to perform at a particular situation by doing some math, but the major issue is, what happens when there is a failure, we humans know when something stops working but how do robots know whether it is a failure/no signal generated at all because the math returned no result.

Thinking about this exception where the AI and Machine Learning comes into picture. Assume a situation where today it is raining and weather is cool and robot got a signal to have a cup of tea. Tomorrow is the same day, but the robot didn’t received signal for tea, when it looks back the previous data, it will be recorded that it took tea previous day then why can’t it have the same today, even though the signal didn’t came for that. Making the robot to decide to have cup of tea is difficult here. We can directly handle this situation by letting machine drink cup of tea blindly as it drank on previous day under current situations, but we have to take into account of the signal which didn’t generated, the machine should be doing it’s analysis why the signal didn’t came, did it happened for a purpose, for example the charge needed for the robot to make tea will not be sufficient so before having a cup of tea the robot has to charge itself and later the signal for cup of tea can be generated. Building this type of functionality makes difference with the normal robots and AI robots. Maybe not today, I hope and believe, in future we will be in a position to achieve this and change impossible to possible.

Trust me all the above thoughts I got during the time when I was not having any work and looking for my purpose in the universe while biting my nails.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments on how one can create robots with feelings.

Author - Satish Segu

A passionate and self teaching programmer with lots of love for Android programming. Currently being working as PEGA Developer and posses kowledge in a variety of areas starting from Case Management, Agents, Security, BIX etc., Connect with me through below links.

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