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Report Definition

Welcome to my first post on PEGA (I can say my first blog post :P). Please try to get comfortable with the content and hope you enjoy the tutorial.


Report Definition is one among Six R’s of PEGA Functionalities. A report definition is an instance of Rule-Obj-Report-Definition. It provides the capability of querying a database and get the results in the desired format like either List view or Summary view.


Report Definitions are mostly used to provide insights of the work processing like Average time taken for each case resolution, Number of cases crossed a particular SLA etc., There are many OOTB report definitions provided by PEGA in category. You can see them by logging into case manager portal.


Report Definitions are of two types :

  1. List Reports – Shows data as a list of individual records
  2. Summary Reports – Shows data as collection of records like grouping data based on a property.


Before creating report definition, the following things needs to identified prior.

  1. Class of instances that needs to be fetched
  2. Ruleset and Ruleset version
  3. Name

Step 1
Click on +Create –> Reports–> Report Definition

Click Create and Open

Here I have created a report in the work class of my application. And included three properties which will be part of Case Data AccountNumber, CustomerID, Nationality. Now click save and run the report from the Actions menu on the top-left corner. The results will be shown as a list of individual records.

Currently there are no Connection cases and therefore showing ‘0’ records.

Till now we have seen the basic creation of Report Definition. Will come back with the advanced configuration of reports like Adding filters, Summary View report, Class Join etc., soon.
Thanks for scrolling down 🙂
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