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CodeStay is a platform providing high-quality tutorials in Android Development, Material Design, Chat Bot development, PEGA etc., We are a dedicated team with mountain heights of passion on IT industry and technology.Β 

Our goal is to help those who want to learn Programming as well as latest trends in IT Industry by providing in-depth knowledge in the core subject area.

Please feel free to roam around. Happy Coding πŸ™‚

CodeStay – Stay of Code


Data Model

Savable Datapages

Hey there, today we are going to learn about something new that has been introduced in the recent versions of PEGA. It is about the datapages whose contents will be saved, yes you heard it Read more…

Data Model


Hey there, I am back with another interesting and important topic in PEGA i.e, Datapage. In this post I will be going through basic configurations involved when dealing with the datapage. Definition Datapage can be Read more…